Big bellies may dim the length of a penis

Dear Doctor,

I am a university student and my problem is that my penis is very small.

I get scared whenever a girl shows interest in sleeping with me. I am 25 but have never had sex. I have seen some posters advertising penis enlargement remedies but I am not sure if they work. What do you think I should do, doctor?

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Wife not to blame for delayed ejaculation

Dear Doctor,

I have a very serious problem. Every time I have sex I can go for hours but in the end I do not ejaculate.

I just get tired or she feels a lot of pain and I stop. I however can ejaculate in the bathroom when I masturbate. I think she has become too wide after our first child. I now hate her, and just want to leave her. Someone told me some herbs can help tighten her again. What do you think will help?

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Circumcision no reason for multiple partners

Doctor, I have heard that if a man goes for circumcision, he should have sex with another woman, not his wife.

The idea is that this other woman, rather than his wife, gets constant desire to have sex (akasagazi). What is the essence of this custom and is it true? And what measures should be taken to heal faster after circumcision?

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