Big bellies may dim the length of a penis

Dear Doctor,

I am a university student and my problem is that my penis is very small.

I get scared whenever a girl shows interest in sleeping with me. I am 25 but have never had sex. I have seen some posters advertising penis enlargement remedies but I am not sure if they work. What do you think I should do, doctor?


Dear Sam,

Penile size is a subject that causes many men anxiety. Part of this is caused by lack of information on what a normal penis is and of what importance size is to sexual satisfaction. On average, a normal penis in a flaccid (non-erect) state measures 8.5 to 10.5cm (3 to 4 inches) increasing to an average of between 15 and 18cm (6 to 8inches) while erect.

It’s been noted that when a penis is short in non-erect state, it gains up to 100% increase when erect but when it’s bigger, the increase is just about 70%. This, therefore, means that on average, most men achieve about the same length of penis in an erect state. When it comes to issue of size and delivering sexual satisfaction, note that different women find different things satisfying.

To some it’s the thickness (width), others its technique while others are satisfied even with non-penetrative sex. A vagina of a woman who hasn’t given birth is about 7cm (3 inches) deep and only about 11 cm (4 inches) when aroused; therefore, many average men can fully fill it.

Other factors like one having a big belly may seem to dim the length of your penis and losing weight if you are obese may help. If, however, your penis falls below the average figures indicated above, you can still enjoy sex in many other ways like kissing, mutual masturbation and more.

It’s most likely that you may be normal in length but only anxious. Now you have the facts, assess yourself.



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